BusinessBuild an Efficient Customer Service Team with These Tips

Build an Efficient Customer Service Team with These Tips

Did you know that according to Salesforce Research, 89% of customers are more likely to buy from a company again if they receive excellent customer service? This goes to show that customer service is the backbone of any company.

However, not many people pay much heed to creating an efficient customer service team because their focus is typically on other services and products. But if you are just starting your company, or perhaps, thinking of bringing changes to it for better and positive results, then keep reading this article, we have mentioned some of the best tips to build a robust and effective customer service team.

1. Listen to Understand the Customers

It goes without saying that communication skills are the prerequisite for having a successful interaction with a customer. But this skill does not only entail your ability to articulate properly. As a matter of fact, you need to understand the customers and listen to their problems with the intention of solving them.

Understanding where your customers are coming from and don’t only listen to them for the sake of it. Listen to each word they say and try to understand it before giving your response. This helps you in fixing the issue and it leaves a good impression of the company on customers.

2. Support Through Multiple Channels

Every company has clients of various types. Some prefer in-person meetings, some prefer calls, and some have an inclination toward live chat. In such a case, it is advisable that you offer support through various channels. According to research conducted by Comm100, the majority of millennials prefer live chat over other channels, which means this trend is certainly getting more popular than before.

Major companies like HughesNet are following this by providing their customers with numerous options for support. As a customer, you can contact HughesNet customer service through phone calls, live chat, social media, email support, community support page, and more. Because of this, the company has managed to win the hearts of its customers over the years.

3. Hire Competent Staff

In order to build an effective team, you have to start by hiring competent staff. The agents should possess the right set of skills such as communication skills, critical thinking, empathy, patience, problem-solving, and quick thinking along with their qualifications.

While hiring the staff, you have to be mindful of building a team that does not only have high IQ but emotional intelligence as well. Customer service representatives should know how to put themselves in the shoes of the customers.

Without these qualities, you cannot build a team that will help your company succeed and retain customers.

Here are just a few things you need to consider before hiring a customer service agent.

  • How long they have been working in this field?
  • Are they good at communication?
  • Do they have the ability to assist customers?
  • Are they able to empathize with them?
  • Can they work well within a team?

4. Provide the Necessary Training

Hiring a skilled team is not enough and it won’t work if you don’t provide them the right training needed to fulfil their job. The agents should be given proper training along with the reading resources so they can equip themselves with brand and product knowledge.

This can turn things around for your company. In fact, one research by Zendesk says that 59% of customers are of the view that organizations should work on providing training to their customer support agents.

In addition to this, you should walk them through your company’s culture as well as the values you stand firmly for. This will only look good on your part.

5. Promote a Culture of Teamwork

You can only get positive results if you combine all the forces. Every employee brings something unique to the table and by combining all those qualities, you can maximize the chances of growth for your company.

For this, you need to organize different activities through which the employees can bond with each other and get opportunities to interact. This will increase their productivity during working hours and it will promote a healthy relationship within a country.

6. Invest in the Correct Tools

Putting all the pressure on the agents in delivering the best results without providing them with the necessary tools needed is a major mistake on your part. They can only deliver outstanding service if they have their hands on the tools to do so.

For this, we suggest improving your customer service team by getting tools like CRM (customer relationship management, help desk software, service training/learning management system (LMS), etc.

To Sum it All up!

The customer service department is the most crucial part of any company. In order to increase sales or retain customers, you need to build a team that is competent, skilled, and capable of solving the issues of customers and answering their queries. This is why we suggest following the tips we have mentioned in this article so your company can stand tall in the market.