FoodFood Ruless To Follow For Online Food Order In Bangalore  

Food Ruless To Follow For Online Food Order In Bangalore  

A city like Bangalore is busy and always on the go. This corporate city places 18% of the country’s online food orders, making it one of the prone cities to rely on online food and delivery options. This town never sleeps and finds it hard to balance work, get food at home, and stay healthy. However, this blog is to make this a little easy for you if you are also living in Bangalore and looking for healthy food habits. 

Healthy Food Habits Of A Day If You Do Online Food Order  

One of the most significant factors determining your food habit is what type of food you have in a whole day. For this, here is an ideal plan that you can adapt daily if you live in a smart city and rely on online food orders in Bangalore.   


It is recommended that breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day because it gives you enough energy to survive on a long day. However, the best part of being in the South region of India is that there is a strong emphasis on breakfast. The morning meal pattern is strong, healthy, and ensures youthfulness. Here is the online food order to place for breaking the fast of the morning.  

Idli And Dosa   

South Indian breakfast is a healthy start to the day because it is rich in protein and boosts the body’s immune system. It has got all the more affection after the forever-young Anil Kapoor described his love for South Indian cuisine and how it has supported him with youthfulness over time. This food is included under the fermented food items, which is very good for the body. It builds protein and improves digestion, giving a stress-free start to the morning. In fact, Idli and Dosa simply dive into sambhar, giving a mesmerizing Indian flavor. This is also one of the reasons why it can be grabbed so fast and takes less energy for consumption.  


Eggs in a day are one of the finest protein and energy intake. This is recommended for everyone and in every form. So, you can go for online food orders of eggs like boiled eggs in spice, egg sandwiches, egg roll, and omelettes. Many restaurants give decadent, massive, and overloaded omelettes too. This can be a rich and delicious start to the day, and won’t break you in hunger by the lunch time. 


If you want to go for some light and non-Indian breakfast for your mornings, then you can always trust oatmeal. Oat is a rich source of iron, manganese, Vitamin B, and many other nutrients. You can go for online food orders of oat bowls with fruits, berries, and dry fruits. This meal is even ideal for those who cannot take any spicy intake in the morning. This is a mild and nutritious food item to try.   


People are getting a tiffin at lunch time or going for online food orders. But being an Indian, it is advisable to take chapati and sabzi, as it will energize you and even help you to get away from afternoon naps during work.  

Curry And Chapati  

This is one of the most common types of food every Indian will choose for online food orders. After all, there are many choices in non-veg and veg curries like paneer, chicken, mutton, etc. Taking these with roti will satiate your taste buds and add to a filling lunch meal. It is another heavy meal in a day, but lunch is comparatively easy to digest as you return to the routine. 

Jalfrezi And Roti  

Jalfrezi is one of the delicious and super-healthy food items to take for lunch. This is a mix of multiple vegetables that are cooked in less oil and mild spices. Taking this with roti is the best food break in the middle of the day.  

Daal Roti Chawal  

Daal is the healthiest at any time of the day and night. If you are thinking about online food orders, then you can even order tadka daal and daal fry because this is lip-smacking daal variety with roti. It is spicy, full of Indian flavors and tastes better with roti. 


Now comes the meal to end your long day. Many people love to try the richest menu at night. But this is not really advisable before sleep. So, here are some things that you can have every night and a cheat meal on friday night.  

Chicken With Fried Rice  

Bangaloreans have a special heart for rice. So, dishes as good as fried rice with chicken can be among the best online food order in Bangalore as it will be a scrumptious, light, and perfectly non-veg night to enjoy before sleeping.   

Curry With Steamed Rice  

Another trusted variety can be steamed rice with curries like fish curry, mutton curry, paneer curry, vegetable curry, etc. These are definitely filling and satisfying before sleeping. Its easy digesting capacity makes it the people’s favourite.  

Rajma Chawal  

Rajma chawal should be a must online food order if you are looking for the best Indian meal after a long day. Restaurants even add some chatnis, onion, and herbs that make rajma an even better treat to enjoy.   

And for a cheat, Bangalore is full of Chinese, Italian, and Continental cuisines. You should definitely have a feast once in a week, because nothing can be a bigger mood-buster than food.  

If you are living, working, and partying in Bangalore, then you must be well aware of how the food in the city travels. Place your online food order in Bangalore from Swiggy to have frequent, mouth watering, and budget friendly meals everyday. You will never feel hungry when you have a balanced diet plan and a platform that can make your diet plan a reality. Try it from today to make a healthy start to your mornings and a wonderful end to your nights.