AllHow Credit Card Companies Are Boosting The Gaming Industry

How Credit Card Companies Are Boosting The Gaming Industry

Video gaming is now a billion-dollar industry that hugely impacts the global economy. Mobile devices fueled this growth throughout the world, making games more accessible. Hence, credit card companies cooperate with gaming operators to promote their products and banking solutions.

They also launch gaming-specific services to improve players’ experience. From live game streaming to buying video games at online and offline stores, you can now earn extra incentives with credit card payments.

Here’re the top 3 collaborations between credit card providers and iGaming companies.

Mastercard Sponsoring eSports Events

Mastercard is a name that has yet to be discovered in the fintech sector. This credit card company officially sponsors LoL Esports and FlyQuest leagues worldwide. Mastercard leverages this collab to promote its fintech products and services through Riot Games’ IP and a sweepstake.

Together they want to build a more engaging gaming environment for pro players, teams, and fans. For instance, gamers can link their Mastercard credit card to enter sweepstakes automatically. They can win a mystery merchandise box and $250 in-game currency.

The fintech company also recently announced its collab with Xsolla – a video game commerce company. With this partnership, they aim to improve digital payment experiences for the players through their innovative card and account-based solutions. 

Mastercard credit card integrated with Xsolla’s Pay Station product will allow players to redeem their Pay with Points for in-game purchases. Besides, they can send in-game currency as a gift to family and friends.

Discover Partnered With PAX East

In 2019, notable American credit card company Discover first tapped into the highly profit-making eSports market.

As an official partner of PAX East, the credit card provider sponsors various gaming and esports events through Twitch streaming. It includes Super Smash Bros., Magic: The Gathering, and TEKKEN 7 Showdown.

PlayStation Visa Card

Are you a PlayStation aficionado? The co-branded PlayStation Visa Credit Card is something you must pay attention to. 

Gamers can use this PlayStation credit card to win rewards for their at-home entertainment. You’ll also receive a $75 free game as a new cardholder. Using the PlayStation credit card within the first 60 days, you can activate a $50 PlayStation Store Code for future purchases.

Wait, there’s more!

Get ready to earn 5X bonus points on buying Playstation or Sony products via this card at authorized stores. You can also get 1X points on all other purchases and stores that accept Visa credit card payments. Besides, this exclusive prepaid card offers 3X points on paying your internet or cable bills. 

Credit Card Payment Integration with Gambling Companies

Besides video gaming, various gambling sites allow credit card payments. eSportsbooks and online casinos that take credit cards follow the same funding process as other banking methods. 

The operators accept cash deposits and withdrawals via major prepaid cards. It includes Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. However, the processing time will vary based on the banking cards you use to play.

You can wager on any casino game collection available on the site. Active bonuses are also valid for all credit cardholders. Further, gamblers can purchase lottery tickets and scratchcards from a shop via credit cards. 

Gaming-Related Rewards Programs

Major credit card companies collaborate with renowned gaming companies to increase their user base. So these financial institutes exclusively curate reward programs that cater to gaming enthusiasts.

That said, gamers can unlock generous incentives, including cashback on in-game purchases, bonus points, VIP access to gaming events, and subscriptions to gaming services. 

For instance, Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card is a deal breaker for play-to-earn mobile game players. The prepaid card allows Amazon Prime members to access free games and in-game loot. If more is needed to impress gamers, the users will receive a free Twitch subscription.

Cashback Rewards vs. Loyalty Points – What are the Perks?

Cashback policies entice many gamers as they can use them to buy new games, consoles, controllers, and other gaming accessories. With these, you can shop for gaming devices at discounted rates. Moreover, a new purchase means more cash back by the prepaid card issuer.

On the other hand, players can redeem collected loyalty points for merchandise credits, discount coupons, cash back, or gift cards.


Q1. What are the benefits of credit cards for gamers?

Credit cardholders can claim a wide range of incentives with every purchase. It can include cashback, loyalty points, discount coupons, etc.

Q2. Is PlayStation credit card free?

Yes. With no annual fee, PlayStation Visa Credit Card offers gamers a range of lucrative rewards.

Final Thoughts

Fintech companies can build credibility in the market by partnering with the ever-evolving and booming iGaming. The sponsorships will help introduce new gamers-centric products and solutions.

Now is also the time for gaming lovers to apply for a reliable prepaid card. Getting hands on the right credit card can amplify the gaming action for the players. Further, credit card companies can improve their ROI if gamers spend more on game-related activities.