BusinessTop 12 Side Gigs That Pay Well

Top 12 Side Gigs That Pay Well

One of the best ways to start diversifying your income is to look at different types of side gigs.  Some are going to require more expertise while others are going to need little to no experience.  

Below are 12 of the most popular side gigs and their general idea.  Who knows, maybe you’ll find one that you like!

Delivery Jobs

Average: $20/hr

Delivery jobs are becoming more and more common.  No longer are there just delivery positions with UPS, you can now deliver for Door Dash, Uber Eats and many, many more

 Did you know that there are Amazon and other general delivery gigs?  You can easily make a living working in delivery.

Content Writing

Average: $15-$30/hr

One of the more lucrative positions thanks to the low impact on your budget, is content writing.  This can take all sorts of forms from writing blogs, to writing what is known as copy for different websites, advertisements and more.

If you have a natural knack for weaving words, then this may be the best things for you!

Web Design

Average: $30 – $80

Not everyone has the skills necessary to take on the world of Web Development.  While there are plenty of websites that you can use to construct websites, it is is also important to understand the deep inner workings of how a website is constructed.

If you have experience developing websites, even with website builders, you can still make a mint and develop your experience.

Virtual Assistant

Average: $20

Just about everyone can apply to be a virtual assistant.  however, there are a few key things that you have to look at.  Are you good at managing time? How are your typing skills? Do you have the ability to write professionally and with proper grammar?  

Those are only a few of the skills.  Depending on who you are working for, you may end up doing work that is above your pay grade.  Always be sure of what you are getting into!


Average: $20

The average listed is actually pretty low for experienced transcriptors.  Those who work at transcription regularly can make several thousand dollars a month on transcription alone.  Are they working every day though? Nope! 

Social Media Manager

Average: $30

Another position that does require some training or experience, working as a social media manager can be a great side gig.  Generally speaking, these types of positions require that you manage several different profiles across platforms.  It can also mean making content schedules and more.

Personal Training

Average: $50

If you have always loved that fitness life or if you want to develop your skills as a personal trainer, then this side gig can be a great way to work on those skills.  The best way to ensure your ‘value’ to the customer is by taking courses and certification classes that will back your own personal knowledge.

Online Tutoring

Average: $20 – $40

Not every tutoring job is going to pay upwards of $30.  However, keep in mind that if there is knowledge that other people desperately need, sometimes they are willing to pay at the higher end of the tutor income spectrum.  

Most tutoring starts off at $15-$20 and grows from there.  For many people this works well because you are able to go around your own schedule and most tutoring can be done virtually.

Party Planning

Average: $20

Don’t let the average fool you: that’s just for beginners!  If you have experience in party planning then this is the perfect side gig for you.  Once you develop a portfolio, you can connect with other businesses and create partnerships where your name is put forward first.  

Advanced Auto Detailing

Average: $200+/hr

If you have seen the cleaning videos on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram then you already know what I’m talking about.  Advanced auto detailing takes knowledge of how cars are put together in order to clean the deepest crevices and every single fiber of a vehicle.

This job can be one that is done on an hourly basis or a package basis, but that will all depend on you and how deep you want to clean!

Air BnB

Average: $50/hr

Believe it or not, AirBnB side gigs aren’t just for the homeowner anymore.  There are accountants that are needed, home cleaners, property managers, and more that all have to work together to complete the AirBnB experience.  

If you have a property that you would like to add to the AirBnB collection, then head over to their website and start the application process ASAP.


Average: $35/hr

It took me a moment to remember what this was as well, so don’t worry if you aren’t too familiar with the idea.  Generally speaking, e-commerce is a way of entering into the great internet race of selling stuff online.  

With this type of side-gig you can create anything from stickers to earrings to custom furniture.  From there, you sell your items online and you are suddenly in e-commerce!  


With all of these options available, it is easier and easier to find side gigs that are going to earn supplemental income that ends up helping you win back some financial freedom.  Don’t forget to let us know which side gig was your favorite!