LifestyleWhat Are the Treatment Options for Rosacea?

What Are the Treatment Options for Rosacea?

For the millions of people across the world who suffer from rosacea, skincare routines are about more than just moisturizing. This chronic skin condition tends to produce symptoms that come and go in a cyclical pattern, and during flare-ups, redness and swelling can become severe. While there is no cure for rosacea, many people find that CBD creams offer them relief.

Why People Are Turning to CBD Creams for Rosacea

Most people struggling with rosacea are already using commonly available medical treatments. Those might include oral antibiotics, steroid creams, laser therapy, or even surgery. However, these treatments are only temporary, which means they won’t do anything to help fight off future flare-ups.

Ordering CBD cream from the most trusted provider is different. CBD creams are safe to use every day and do not produce unwanted side effects, which means people suffering from rosacea don’t need to wait until they already have embarrassing symptoms before they start to use these products.

How CBD Cream Can Help

The more the medical community learns about CBD, the clearer it is that this plant-based compound has a lot of promise when taken internally or used as a topical solution. So far, research shows that CBD is not just antioxidant and analgesic but also anti-inflammatory and sebostatic. Here’s how these traits help with rosacea.

Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the root causes of many rosacea symptoms. CBD is a known anti-inflammatory that can help rosacea sufferers control both swelling and redness. Plus, unlike topical steroids, CBD cream can be used long-term, even between flare-ups.

Lower Oil Production

CBD isn’t just anti-inflammatory but also sebostatic, meaning that it can slow the overproduction of oil that contributes to many skin conditions. While oil overproduction doesn’t cause rosacea, it can worsen the symptoms by causing additional pustules to develop. Using CBD cream could help to prevent that problem.

Less Pain

Many people use CBD to manage chronic pain. In the context of rosacea, that means applying a CBD cream regularly to help with the burning and stinging sensations that often accompany visible symptoms of the condition.

Why Adding an Oral CBD Supplement Might Also Help

Dealing with rosacea flare-ups can be incredibly stressful, causing many people to put their lives on hold until they can get their skin back to something resembling normal. CBD doesn’t just help to alleviate stress by reducing the symptoms of rosacea but also by acting on the systems that control autonomic arousal. This creates a feedback loop, since keeping chronic stress levels low can also help to reduce the severity of rosacea symptoms.

How to Get Started Using CBD Creams for Rosacea

The first step towards finding relief from rosacea symptoms is to order a high-quality CBD cream from an online vendor. Look for a manufacturer that cares about quality control and can provide lab test results on the purity and potency of its products. Once the CBD cream arrives, simply start applying it liberally two to three times per day and continue until the rosacea symptoms subside.